Communications Specialist

Job Description
Produces pieces of the City's communication plan through project completion and creation. Drives project completion and meets deadlines to complete communication pieces.
Provides ideas and recommendations for new communication ideas and strategies.
Under direction of the department head, develops marketing campaigns and materials to ensure residents are informed of City events and activities.
Monitors and receives updates from the City's social media sites and responds to questions and concerns. Creates posts and materials for social media sites and keeps updated on the latest social media trends.
Creates communication pieces for print/mail media as well as responses to social media inquiries and questions. Ensures quality and accurate materials through reviews. Receives feedback and makes corrections as needed.
Edits City communication pieces and provides insight and recommendations.
Assists in and may actively perform in website design to ensure form and function for end users.
Researches media inquiries and provides information and effective communication. Receives oversight and reviews for mass communications.
Under direction of the Director, works with media outlets to disseminate information and set up interviews for news stories.
Produces communication materials for City events including City meetings or community events. These materials include print, video, audio and social media.
Provides materials to the Public Information Officer and Administration department. Supports the internal communications of the City, to include the employee newsletter.
Distributes materials and ensures the correct mediums are used to provide information to the public.
Determines communication channels and mediums for information.
Supports the communication aspect of City events by attending events, producing materials and updating social media with pictures and information.
Supports City information community events by providing materials and information.
May attend City Council and/or Planning Commission to provide materials for meetings and broadcasting.
May work with other department for project updates. Produces updates on City projects and provides information on City issues.
Provides others duties as assigned.
Additional Information
Please apply through our website at www.herriman.org

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